Will SAP FICO Course help me find land a good job after my MBA / CA ?

Can SAP FICO course add on something more to my MBA / CA knowledge and land me a good job ? Can I do this right besides my current course curriculum ?

This is usually one of the first question that I get from most of the Finance MBA /CA freshers. I will take this up in this post.

SAP FICO Course is a job specialization and not a general college level course.  This should be taken up when you are already in a finance related job and have gained some working experience and have god understanding of what you are doing.

Most of freshers seem to be undermining the value of knowledge and effort that you have put in earning yourself an MBA or CA degree. I still consider MBA Finance / CA degrees to a far far higher in content and value that some job specific specialization like SAP FICO or  JAVA or CSS or whatever.

What you have learned from college are the core concepts and building blocks that will remain with you for life. SAP FICO or any other course is just a course that you are learning to under some software better so that you are good at working on it. You never know few years later you might need to learn a new software course for some great revolutionary product . Still your core MBA / CA conceptual knowledge will be used even in that.  So firstly, give due regard and value to what you doing in college. That is what you should be learning well .

You should be looking out for jobs based on your MBA or CA degree and not based on the tag that you have done some 4 weeks of SAP FICO training after MBA/CA . Any Job specialization degree like SAP FICO  right after college is useless as you will just be cramming the subject since you never had appropriate work experience to understand what you are doing .

Think about this – Let us assume that I am a hiring manager at Toyota and I need to find folks who are experienced automobile engineers so that they can work on designing toyota cars.

Who will I prefer from the two options below

1. A fresh automobile engineer out of college who has taken up a 1 month training on Toyota Car designing.

2. A 3-4 years experienced automobile engineer who has practical work exp on Honda / Nissan   or maybe even Toyota cars.

Well, obviously the choice is very clear . I will take the second option. I can take a Non toyota experienced guy  and train him for for few weeks/months and he will very well get accustomed to work on my company as he knows the concepts and have practical work experience in working on car.  This is all because concepts and practical work experience is more important to me than he having trained on Toyota car.

Job specific training is easy to get and understand only if you have the work experience. Similarly , folks experienced in accounting jobs are far more preferable to hiring managers than any fresh Finance MBA/CA with SAP FICO training.  Freshers best bet is to get jobs based on their degree rather than such kind of job specializations. This can be “nice to have” but definitely this has remote chances of landing you a good job.

I guess that answers the above question.  Feel free to drop any comments .


14 thoughts on “Will SAP FICO Course help me find land a good job after my MBA / CA ?

  1. Hi Himanshu, you are doing great job, thank you very much. I have completed my M.Com in 2003 and working as Sr. Accounts Officer in a Manufacturing comapny in Hyderabad. I have keen interested to go for SAP FICO. So, I joined in a institute and trained there ( not for certification). my training will be completed 1st week of Nov 13. So, can you please suggest me that 
    1.shall I go for an interview with the domain exp.
    2. Is it necessary to get certification.
    Please give your suggestions… awaiting…

    • Sorry for the delayed reply.

      1. Yes . Put X yrs in Finance domain Plus Trained in SAP FICO .
      2. Nope , Certification isn’t necessary but it might just give you a little edge on getting resume selected.

  2. Hello sir.i am PGDM passed out (2012)with dual specialization in finance and marketing.since one year I was working as education consultant.now I m looking for SAP FICO training as i want to proceed my career in finance.so what would you you suggest me to do .

  3. Jan 11, 2014 5:37 AM

    Dear Himansh ji,
    First of all thank you for advises you have posted on the blog

     and I need your expert advise on the selection of right module to add new technology to my skillset and to switch my career.
    I did my BE (EEE) in 2005 and from 2006  till now  i am working as  Tally.ERP Technical  and functional consultant .
    Could you please advise me the best Module i should take up wit respect to add new technology to my resume and job opportunities for it accordingly.
    Thanking you in advance for your valuable replies…

    • Could you elaborate when you say technical and functional ? You code the given functional changes or you provide pseudo code as functional analyst to the developers. Point is …are you mapped a developer or functional support in your current profile. Being in Tally , SAP FICO module is the nearest to it in terms of process . However, you need to see where you want to start Technical or Functional ? I don’t thing you have a Finance background and so to me it looks like Technical suits you best.

  4. Mr Himanshu Vats,

    I have completed SAP FICO Course by Local Teacher in Delhi.
    When time at course comments 110% job provided for me after course complete .
    but did not received my phone and not supported any problems regarding Courses i pay 15000.00 for that.

    So i requested you pl. help me regarding same .

    Shiva charana

    • Hi Shiv,

      Sorry to hear about this but I don’t think I can help out in this situation. It seems you bought into some guy showing you sweet dreams . He wanted your money and kept claiming all things and you believed that . I guess you should just move on instead of wasting more time in finding the guy out.

  5. Hello,
    I completed my graduation in B.COM in 2002.after that i did financial accounting course in computers but dont have any work experience.Now should i go for SAP FICO or SAP HR to get a good job?

    • Suchi,

      You were never in a Job in Finance and even your Bcom was about 12 years back. You need to re-look what you want to do. SAP FICO/HR for sure is not recommended.

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