Sep 14

Will SAP FICO Course help me find land a good job after my MBA / CA ?

Can SAP FICO course add on something more to my MBA / CA knowledge and land me a good job ? Can I do this right besides my current course curriculum ?

This is usually one of the first question that I get from most of the Finance MBA /CA freshers. I will take this up in this post.

SAP FICO Course is a job specialization and not a general college level course.  This should be taken up when you are already in a finance related job and have gained some working experience and have good understanding of what you are doing.

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Sep 05

How to Learn SAP FICO ? Is Expensive SAP FICO Training worth it ?

Dear Himanshu,

I am doing my CA final with 6 years of work experience and currently working in a manufacturing company as Accounts Officer. I have long aspired to learn SAP FICO, but till date I haven’t. I enquired Siemens and other Partners of SAP long back. They are charging near 4 lacs for 25 days training for SAP FICO. I am not sure whether in 25 days training I will get complete grip over the module.

Now what i am asking you sir is,

How to learn SAP Fico?

Whether through self study, if yes, how?
through Coaching centres means which one I can prefer?

Please guide me, since this area is completely vague to me and my friends.


Quick learner

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Sep 05

Bcom graduate trying to get Job in SAP FICO

Hi Himanshu,

I am a graduate. I graduated 3 years back and have been working in a BPO. My work has no relation with accounting or finance. I do not wish to continue the same job in future as I do not see any future in here . I have no experience in accounting or finance related jobs. Please advice what should i do.

Will it help me get a better job if i do SAP FICO training course ? What difference will it make if i do the course from an ordinary training institute who charge not more than 30K for teaching SAP.


Bcom Graduate

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Aug 20

SAP FICO training institutes in Bangalore

Computer LabThe below listed institutes provide SAP FICO Training in Bangalore. This should be helpful for folks who are looking to get started in the course with a comparatively cheaper option compared to the SAP authorized institutes.

None of these institutes that provide SAP FICO training in bangalore are authorized by SAP and thus cannot provide a SAP FICO Certification course . They can only provide uncertified training courses which usually are in the range of 10000 to 50000 INR.  Authorized SAP FICO certification course and certification  costs approx 250,000 INR and is usually a very costly option for any SAP FICO fresher to opt for.

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Jun 15

SAP FICO Account payables – Purchase to Pay process

English: the purchase-to-pay cycle steps

English: the purchase-to-pay cycle steps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To get better understanding of SAP FICO Account Payables , you must first understand the Purchasing cycle. The following documents and links are a good resource to help a beginner understand SAP FICO Account Payables – Purchase to Pay process. I will be happy to add new links or documents that any reader would like to share here.

  • This Link has  SAP help documentation about Procurement introduction in SAP Materials Management. Usually, I have found SAP documentation helpful while working on the system but not while understanding the basic concept.

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Jun 15

SAP FICO Interview Questions – Accounts Payables

SAP FICO Interview Questions – Account Payables Part 1

  • Explain the Procurement to Pay process
  • What are the documents that get created in Procurement to Pay process ?
  • Which steps in Procurement to Pay process does FI documents get created.
  • What is a RFQ / PR / PO ?
  • Give details on how FI -MM integration works.

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