Sep 14

Will SAP FICO Course help me find land a good job after my MBA / CA ?

Can SAP FICO course add on something more to my MBA / CA knowledge and land me a good job ? Can I do this right besides my current course curriculum ?

This is usually one of the first question that I get from most of the Finance MBA /CA freshers. I will take this up in this post.

SAP FICO Course is a job specialization and not a general college level course.  This should be taken up when you are already in a finance related job and have gained some working experience and have good understanding of what you are doing.

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Sep 05

How to Learn SAP FICO ? Is Expensive SAP FICO Training worth it ?

Dear Himanshu,

I am doing my CA final with 6 years of work experience and currently working in a manufacturing company as Accounts Officer. I have long aspired to learn SAP FICO, but till date I haven’t. I enquired Siemens and other Partners of SAP long back. They are charging near 4 lacs for 25 days training for SAP FICO. I am not sure whether in 25 days training I will get complete grip over the module.
Now what i am asking you sir is,

How to learn SAP Fico?

Whether through self study, if yes, how?
through Coaching centres means which one I can prefer?

Please guide me, since this area is completely vague to me and my friends.


Quick learner

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Sep 05

Bcom graduate trying to get Job in SAP FICO

Hi Himanshu,

I am a graduate. I graduated 3 years back and have been working in a BPO. My work has no relation with accounting or finance. I do not wish to continue the same job in future as I do not see any future in here . I have no experience in accounting or finance related jobs. Please advice what should i do.

Will it help me get a better job if i do SAP FICO training course ? What difference will it make if i do the course from an ordinary training institute who charge not more than 30K for teaching SAP.


Bcom Graduate

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Jun 11

Is SAP FICO Certification training and exam worth the money ?

Is SAP FICO Certification training and exam worth the money ?

Are you looking for good job as SAP FICO consultant ? Maybe someone suggested the option to go for SAP Authorized training and then attempting the SAP FICO Certification exam. Is it worth it for freshers ?

Totally Not. SAP FICO Certification is just not worth it. It is a ripoff of your hard earned money.SAP is just making good money out of this whole Authorized training and Certification business  at the cost of innocent job seekers.

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Dec 05

What are the prerequisites for a newcomer to get SAP FICO Job?

Lets start with the usual one.

1. Do I require a Finance Degree to apply for SAP FICO job ?

NO. I know few Non-Financial background guys doing great in SAP FICO world and have seen CA/MBA finance guys struggling to get it cause they just wont learn.

It is more EASY if you are a Finance Graduate/Post Graduate/CA/MBA Finance etc to start syncing in the concepts easily. That is the only differentiation from a degree perspective. How fast can you understand Debit-Credit , Balance Sheet/ P&L ? Of course the Finance degree guys have an edge . They studied those topics for 3/6 years vs a Non-Finance degree guy.

2. Can I join SAP FICO fresh out of college after my Graduation/Post Graduation ?

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