Dec 05

What are the prerequisites for a newcomer to get SAP FICO Job?

Lets start with the usual one.

1. Do I require a Finance Degree to apply for SAP FICO job ?

NO. I know few Non-Financial background guys doing great in SAP FICO world and have seen CA/MBA finance guys struggling to get it cause they just wont learn.

It is more EASY if you are a Finance Graduate/Post Graduate/CA/MBA Finance etc to start syncing in the concepts easily. That is the only differentiation from a degree perspective. How fast can you understand Debit-Credit , Balance Sheet/ P&L ? Of course the Finance degree guys have an edge . They studied those topics for 3/6 years vs a Non-Finance degree guy.

2. Can I join SAP FICO fresh out of college after my Graduation/Post Graduation ?

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