SAP FICO Account payables – Purchase to Pay process

English: the purchase-to-pay cycle steps

English: the purchase-to-pay cycle steps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To get better understanding of SAP FICO Account Payables , you must first understand the Purchasing cycle. The following documents and links are a good resource to help a beginner understand SAP FICO Account Payables – Purchase to Pay process. I will be happy to add new links or documents that any reader would like to share here.

  • This Link has  SAP help documentation about Procurement introduction in SAP Materials Management. Usually, I have found SAP documentation helpful while working on the system but not while understanding the basic concept.

  • This link is a good explanation provided by SAP SCN user Navaneetha Krishnan
  • This Wiki article explains pictorially the processes involved in SAP FICO Account payable Purchase cycle.
  • After you have gone through the basic of Procurement to Pay cycle follow the below videos. These good videos created by Karma Sherif shows the business process followed in a organisation that has SAP MM and SAP FICO Account Payables implemented. This does not explain the basic concepts but does give a good hand on of the overall process as it is done in SAP GUI screen.
  • SAP Purchasing Exercise Part 1 – Creating a Purchase Order

  •  SAP Purchasing Exercise Part 2 – Creating a Invoice and Goods Receipt

I will suggest going through more video’s if you find them good.

  • Quite similiar to the above videos but documented is this below PDF by Lavanya. M and shared by user GVKREDDYVAMSI


  • Lastly , The below presentation shared by tiffanymaetua on SAP Produce to Pay process to explains the overall flow. 

Hope these above documents and links help you get a better understanding on the topic.
Do let me know in comments if any of the above Link/Documents fail to load and I will be happy find some more good SAP FICO Account Payables Purchase cycle material.

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