How to Learn SAP FICO ? Is Expensive SAP FICO Training worth it ?

Dear Himanshu,

I am doing my CA final with 6 years of work experience and currently working in a manufacturing company as Accounts Officer. I have long aspired to learn SAP FICO, but till date I haven’t. I enquired Siemens and other Partners of SAP long back. They are charging near 4 lacs for 25 days training for SAP FICO. I am not sure whether in 25 days training I will get complete grip over the module.
Now what i am asking you sir is,

How to learn SAP Fico?

Whether through self study, if yes, how?
through Coaching centres means which one I can prefer?

Please guide me, since this area is completely vague to me and my friends.


Quick learner


Dear Quick Learner,

Your current work experience and qualification very well suit the needs of a SAP FICO recruiter. You have to make sure you complete your current  CA Final.

For a newbie it is very difficult to learn a new software by just reading through the book about it. Think how much can you learn if you have never seen Microsoft excel in  system but has just read few books about it. Similarly , Hand on training on the SAP system is required for any person who wants to learn any module of SAP. You can only happen to get the software and play with it in the training center. Thus initial learning and hands on practice and  lessons from a SAP training center are important. It would be very difficult to figure out the whole ecosystem of how an SAP Module works just by reading some PDF files.

SAP Training and certification has become a good money making market itself. Thus you find SAP Authorized training centers asking such high amounts for a 25 days course which might have 5 days of  Case based project work.

You already have a pretty good work exp in Accounting job. I would suggest to go for a course from a local Non Authorized SAP FICO training center. I guess that would not cost more than 30k max. Unauthorized centers cannot provide you a SAP FICO Certification exam or certificate so just be careful. All they can give you a 4-5 weeks of SAP FICO hands on training . This is all that you should initially go for. That would help you to learn the concepts  .



6 thoughts on “How to Learn SAP FICO ? Is Expensive SAP FICO Training worth it ?

  1. Hi, I completed ICWA and now looking for job, meanwhile i got to know candidates with SAP FI are given prefrences and it’s an add on to this qualification.
    So, I would like to know is it worth to do sap fi module for freshers, as I couldn’t find any fresher jobs. When talked to Authorized center they assured me for job even as a fresher with the package of 4-5lac/a.

    • Hi Kanhiya,

      What do you expect the Authorized center guys to tell you ? Would they say that ” buddy please avoid this course as freshers have less chances in this . This course is suited for experienced professionals only. ”
      Of course they will tell you everything to show you a great future. AS I have mentioned in my posts , it is not impossible but it is difficult for freshers .

  2. hi, himansu,

    I am B.Tech Information Technology Graduate, i wish to learn sap fico module… somebody said it’s really dough for non financial field people.. but i am interesting… what will i do????

  3. Hi, I am doing CA and CMA finals, I have 7+ years of experience out of which 3 years I worked as a SAP Business One Consultant and done 6 Implementation. I am currently working as a Senior accountant in Dubai.

    I am very much interested in doing SAP FICO course.
    I found a training centre in Dubai which provide training on SAP FICO module for 6800AED for just 55 hrs. and extra 400 dollars I have to pay for certification exam.

    Is it worth while to do this 55 hrs training.
    Can they complete the FICO module in 45 hrs + 10 hrs for Exam preparation.
    Is SAP job market still robust.


    • With about a week of training they may just be giving overview of SAP FICO. $400 sounds too high.. Is that SAP certification? I think you should just find a course online instead that might be much cheaper and more detailed.

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