SAP FICO Interview Questions – Accounts Payables

SAP FICO Interview Questions – Account Payables Part 1

  • Explain the Procurement to Pay process
  • What are the documents that get created in Procurement to Pay process ?
  • Which steps in Procurement to Pay process does FI documents get created.
  • What is a RFQ / PR / PO ?
  • Give details on how FI -MM integration works.

  • What is a Goods Receipt ?
  • What is Goods Issue ?
  • Explain the Invoice verification process
  • What are the different kind of variances in Invoice verification process ?
  • What is an Automatic Payment Program ?
  • What are the configuration steps to setup an Automatic Payment Program ?
  • What is the significance of Account assignment category ?
  • How do you add/remove a payment block for particular invoice ?
  • What is a Payment Advice Note ?
  • What are Payment Order and Payment Requests ?
  • What are Credit memos ?
  • What are negative postings ?
  • What is a Non-PO Invoice ?

10 thoughts on “SAP FICO Interview Questions – Accounts Payables

  1. who will do this sap,and i have done my degree shall i do this corce if i do this how is the openings in this pls let me know

  2. I Completed SAP FI & CO Module. If anybody knows sap interview questions with answers, kindly share with me and help.

    Mobile: 9789865654

  3. how well sap fico adjustable to graduate with keen interest to achieve it or you suggest any other sap module for me

  4. @B.Lakshmi Narayanan If you have already completed the course you should already be knowing how to find answers to using SAP Help. I can help you if you post me specific questions.

  5. Hi ,
    Any one could help me to do or not to do FICO . I have exp of 1.7 yrs in SAP working For Account payable .. Now that I am working on Oracle for few months … I find SAP is more user friendly and I Know all the T code that is required to process an Invoice and also how to investigate if any issue in  creation of PO… Is it good to learn SAP FICO for me if yes which is best Institute to learn this course in Bangalore

  6. Hi,
    I have completed my SAP certification Associate level. I do have 7 years of Business Analyst experience in IT.I am feeling bad to cook my resume..Is their any opportunities in market for freshers like me in SAP?

    • Resumes are selected for keywords. Put more of what you learnt ( the topics ) while mentioning all your previous projects below. Avoid cooking up as you will never be confident in interviews then.

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