Is SAP FICO Certification training and exam worth the money ?

Is SAP FICO Certification training and exam worth the money ?

Are you looking for good job as SAP FICO consultant ? Maybe someone suggested the option to go for SAP Authorized training and then attempting the SAP FICO Certification exam. Is it worth it for freshers ?

Totally Not. SAP FICO Certification is just not worth it. It is a ripoff of your hard earned money.SAP is just making good money out of this whole Authorized training and Certification business  at the cost of innocent job seekers.

  • Why the hell does the training session cost so much money ? I have attended SAP FICO certification trainings and I really don’t get what rocket science are they teaching in these training sessions  that makes them so expensive. Leave out 25 day full module courses , even a 5 day course is pretty expensive.
  • End of Training Project is useless. The 5 Day project at the end of that 20 day training is an absolute waste of time. Everyone in the training session is already more focussed on passing the SAP FICO Certification exam at the end of the training rather than going through the project .
  • SAP FICO Certification Exam questions can be attempted by cramming through those PDFs. You can search for them anywhere and get a lot of them. You can almost get 60-70% answers correct just by cramming these . What is the point ? Please don’t assume you are good at SAP FICO because you passed the exam. The real exam starts when you float your resume in job market. That is when you would realize that you just wasted a whole lot of money on a useless piece of certified paper which does not get you any further in your career.
  • SAP FICO Certification Exam questions are not Job interview questions. Interviewers want to find candidates who know the subject well. It does not matter that you got 85% or 99% in SAP FICO Certification exam. If you cannot answers the questions in that interview session you are done. You have to focus on understanding the subject well rather than understanding the SAP FICO Certification Exam Question list and then going back to the book to find answer for those useless questions.

Please avoid SAP Authorized training Centers and attempting SAP FICO Certification exam . Go for a local training institute which although not authorized can give you 80% of the same content and knowledge with 10-20% of the cost . Understand the subject well and practise instead of cramming any question answers. Go for seeking jobs once you are confident about the subject . SAP FICO is not complex if you simply work hard to understand it better.


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21 thoughts on “Is SAP FICO Certification training and exam worth the money ?

  1. I studied marketing and I want to know what would be a good fit for me as I meet people from IT field everyday and they say, do Bus Objects and some say, do SAP in FICO and some say, do SAP in SCM. I wanna know where I can find info regarding all these SAP modules so that I get the idea of all the SAPs.

    I want to do something which is IT + business; something not 100 percent technical. I know a consultancy firm in Dallas, which is giving SAP in Business Objects training but I heard Business Objects is not growing as it used to be and it is 100 percent technical. What do you think about SAP Business Objects?

    If I want to do SAP, which one I should do and from where I can get the training. Do you know anyone who gives training in SAP FICO/SCM?. I have great interest in SCM, so should I go for SAP SCM?

    Thank you so much for your time.

    • Designing solutions for business is pretty much a Non-technical stuff where you do not have to code . SAP Consultants be it FICO or SCM can be the kind of SAP IT+business role that you are looking for.
      SAP FICO is definitely a mitfit for you as you have no Finance background or experience. People just tell you since that might be in “demand” but so is anything else where you are good at. I do not have any info on SAP business objects and cannot suggest anything on that.
      SAP SCM looks to be a better fit with your marketing background . For training , you can checkout SAP provided Elearning courses or Classroom courses . There are lot of online of offline training providers once you start googleing for the right course .

  2. Dear Sir,
    I am a graduate person with experience of around 9 years in Accounts, Finance & Taxation. Currently I am pursuing from Pune University and also preparing for ICWAI. Nowadays, I am looking for job and came to know for SAP. So pls guide relevant course of SAP which will lead me for better job opportunities with nice salary.

    Thanks & Regards

    Abhijit M. Mane

    • Hi Abhijit,

      SAP FICO can be good for your profile. However, ICWAI + M.COM + SAP FICO seems too many things to me. If you want to Pursue ICWAI then why go form now ? ICWAI and SAP FICO too does not mix . You would either want to looks for Jobs with SAP FICO label or ICWAI. Are you doing Mcom plus ICWAI just as addon while you search for SAP FICO Job. This seems an overkill to me. My advice would be to focus on one .

      • Good Morning Sir

        I am looking for better opportunities as I am 34 with 9 years experience in manufacturing industry. I am pursuing M.Com II year. To add qualification and increase opportunities, I am preparing ICWAI. As well, nowadays any good organisation looks for SAP knowledge in its employees. So I am thinking for SAP. Please guide me on this.

        Thanks & Regards
        Abhijit M. Mane

        • Hi Abhijit,

          You are in the right path but you just need to keep it straight . Here is what I think you should do . If you are not much into ICWAI yet then just drop it.
          Just complete Mcom as you are already put 1 year in it and simultaneously take up SAP FICO training. You already have good background work exp . Your MCOM degree would too eaddon the point that you will be a good SAP FICO Consultant and a good asset to any FICO team. You have very good chances of making it to SAP FICO Consultancy . Please make sure you take up your training and practice well enough.

  3. Hello sir

    First i really want to thank u and all other sap aspirants for sharing their views and its really helpfull to know the unknown facts and real scenario of market
    gr8 job
    I am 2011 MBA pass out and worked for an MNC for 6 months and due to some issue i left my job and its been almost 18 months i am not working. i am planning to do SAP FICO in scope of applying for jobs again as a fresher how far it is possible to get a break for freshers. Even had a plans to apply for jobs abroad.

  4. Hi there. I am 50 years old a qualified CPA in USA and have about 15 years of experience in accounting, but not in the field for quite a long. If I learn SAP Fico, could I land into a good job ?

  5. Hello sir I m a fresher I have done BCA MCA 2012 passout. But i dun have interest in technical field. I want to move to functinal field. Recently i have given interview for a private bank & i m selected but my joining is after 2 mnths. I want to utilize this 2mnths time. Can i do SAP FICO now.. will it help me in future as i will have banking experience after 1 year so after tht can i get job in SAP…???

    • Ritika,

      You are jumping to too many places. You got a job in bank then why are you thinking of moving out of the Banking career even before you have joined ? If you do want to move out why are you joining and wasting an year ? Career path cannot be chosen by jumping around. You need to choose a single domain and focus on that.

  6. Hello Sir, Thanks a lot for sharing valuable information over here. This Murali Having 3 years of experience in MNC (SAP Back end user) with MBA (Finance) and ICWAI (one group has to clear in Final). Now i am looking for SAP Certification course and planning to go Abroad based on this Experience and Certification. Please suggest how can i go ahead.Thanks and Regards Murali

    • Hi Murali,

      Your background is correct . You should get good benefits our of a SAP FICO course. I would suggest you hold on to your aspirations for sometime. Get a good job –> Work ,work ,work –> then think opportunities abroad based on your good experience.

  7. Hi Himanshu,
    I am very glad to see your post and wanted to know few things from you as i want to switch to SAP FI Consultant role. 
    Just to give you my background first I have more than 5+ years of experience as a end-user in SAP FICO module (both ERP 4.7 and ECC 6.0) in a Corporate Finance department of a US Based MNC. I have gone through the SAP FICO training from a local institute few months back as i wanted to understand how an SAP FICO implementation happens and to know an FI Consultant role. 
    My question is, 
    How should i prepare my resume for an SAP FICO job opening because although my work experience of 5+years is as a end user but i really don’t want to show it as a consultant experience because i believe that my end user experience gives me edge in understanding the issues faced and reports required. Do you think the interviewer will consider my profile based on domain end user experience ?
    Thanks in advance !!

    • Chintan,

      Sorry for the delayed reply.

      Do not claim End user work as consulting work. Simply put ” X years in Domain and Trained in SAP FICO ” . Good hands on Configuration and testing experience on A ,B , C ,D etc. All A ,B C & D’s that you want them to question you on.

  8. Hi i my qualification and i want to sap fico course is it useful or not and i am working as accountant in private company and my communication also little so is it ok or not

    • Hi Sampatha,

      You do exhibit low written communication skills in the above sentence too. I would suggest that you focus on overall development rather than this technical field. Client interaction will also be one of the primary tasks and thus you must work to strengthen our communications skills too.

  9. My self sagar i have done my and persuing ACS executive i would like interested in sap fico model plz suggest me sir is it useful to me or not?

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