SAP FICO Interview questions – Basics in Asset accounting Part 2

Part two of SAP FICO Interview questions in Asset Accounting

  • What is the use of Depreciation Keys ?
  • Why do we define Internal Calculation Key ?
  • What  are the prerequisites to perform a Depreciation Run ?
  • Detail the steps in a Depreciation Run .
  • How does the system calculate Depreciation values

  • What is meant by Derived depreciation area ?
  • What is a Repeat Depreciation Run ?
  • Why do we need to Restart a depreciation run ?
  • What are Asset Authorization Views in SAP AA ?
  • What is a Sort Version ?
  • What are the steps of Year End closing in SAP Asset Accounting ?
  • What is an Asset history Sheet ?
  • What is Asset Explorer ?
  • Explain Production Setup in SAP Asset Accounting


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2 thoughts on “SAP FICO Interview questions – Basics in Asset accounting Part 2

  1. Edited – ” Have basic graduation , Accounting course and few years of accounting experience ”
    I dont have any fake exp. this is my real work exp site , now i want new career in sap financial plz tell me any job for fresher sap fi

    thnx alot

    • Hi Satnam,

      I have edited your comment as it is not a good practice to float resume to everyone .
      You have 100% relevant work exp. Just get a good training in SAP FICO and apply and I am very confident that you will get it.

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