SAP FICO Interview Questions – Basic Asset Accounting – Part 1

Posting the first set of SAP FICO Interview questions related to Asset Accounting
. These are the basic set of SAP FICO interview questions in Asset accounting .These only confirm that the candidate has a basic understanding of the breadth of SAP Asset Accounting
. Depth of Asset accounting is something very subjective but interesting . I shall be posting those questions too later.

  • When and why do we use Group Assets ?
  • What does Asset Super number signify ?
  • What is a Chart of Depreciation ? How is to linked to the company code ?
  • What are the steps needs to enable Asset Accounting for a company code ?
  • What are the different kind of Depreciation that we can configure in SAP ? Provide Example
  • What is Depreciation Area ?
  • How does depreciation posting flow from FI to Asset Accounting (AA) ?
  • What is the use of an Asset Class ? What is an Asset Catalog ?
  • What is the significance of Asset Value Date ? Where is it used ?
  • What is an Asset Master ? What are the different components of Asset Master ?
  • What are the different ways to create an Asset Master ?
  • How do we create more than one asset  in a single transaction ?
  • What are the kind of Time Dependent data in Asset Master ?
  • Please explain Asset Acquisition with an example ?
  • When do we require to block an Asset master record ?
  • Is it possible to delete an Asset Master record ? How ?
  • What is a transaction type in context of Asset accounting ?
  • Detail the process followed by an Asset under Construction ( AUC ) in SAP ?
  • How do we Capitalize an Asset under Construction in SAP ?
  • Please explain Asset transfer process with example.
  • What are the different types of Transfer Variant for asset transfer ?
  • Explain SAP Asset Retirement process.
  • How do we transfer Legacy Assets to SAP ?
  • What is the significance of Asset Transfer Date ?
  • Which fields are automatically set in Asset Master in Initial acquisition ?
  • What are the function in Periodic processing of Asset Accounting ?

Note that these are all SAP FICO Interview questions and not Certification questions . SAP FICO Certification questions are usually multiple Choice types with one or more correct answers to select from.

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