SAP FICO module introduction

What is SAP FICO Module ?

This is not a question that an interviewer would ask to any SAP FICO job aspirant. Obviously, you should  be updated about SAP FICO module while applying for a job in this domain. Still it is never too late to revise the terms.

SAP FICO module refers to the Finance(FI) and Controlling(CO) modules of SAP ERP system. FI and CO are the core modules of SAP. They are tightly integrated with  Sales and Distribution Module ( SD) and Materials management (MM) module.

SAP FICO Module Integration

The  above diagram appropriately shows how SAP FI and CO modules are places in  the overall SAP architecture.

What is SAP FI ?

SAP Financial Accounting (FI) is the core module where  all the financial processing transactions are captured. This is the module that is used to create statutory Financials Statements for external reporting purposes.

Functions in SAP FI can primarily be divided into General Ledger Accounting (G/L), Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable(AR/AP) processing, and Fixed Asset Accounting(AA). We will pick up details of SAP FI module in another blog post.

What What is SAP CO ?

SAP Controlling module helps provide operational information to the management of a company to support business analysis and decision-making.  CO represents the internal accounting viewpoint of an organisation. It provide information to managers to help  manage costs and operations of the organization.

SAP refers External Accounting as “Financial Accounting”(SAP-FI) while Internal Accounting is referred as Managerial Accounting(SAP-CO).

SAP FICO Module intro

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192 thoughts on “SAP FICO module introduction

  1. This was very Useful.. Yet i am to begin with my Fi/Co.. But the clear differentiation revealed 60% of my doubts..

    • Hi Chinna,

      I have provided some questions here on the site and you can as well lookout on others. Google is your friend . :)

  2. I want know about sap fico is this help full for commerce graduate , if yes please provide fee details and institute name

    • Hi Sadiq,

      My advise to a commerce graduate would be to find a NON-SAP job first and get some hands on experience on Accounts or other Finance related job . That my friend is very valuable. You can always go and get some training in SAP FICO from some local institute but that is not helpful if you do not have some amount of domain experience.

  3. I had done Btech in CS but was involved in my home business. Now I want to come again in to IT field is SAP FICO module be helpful for me to come up again. Please suggest me. As I am intersted in doing the SAP FICO Training.

    • Hi Arnab,

      I do not think SAP FICO is the right course for you. Btech in CS will not help much in the this Finance and controlling domain. Even if you do a good training it will be hard to find a job because you have no Finance Degree or Finance job experience.
      I would advise you to look for some other course .

  4. Hi There,
    Its really nic tht u ppl reply to almost all the posts. Well im an MBA (Finance) graduate. I have a total of 4 years work-ex where in 2 yrs i hav worked in finance and accounting and budgeting domain and 2 yrs in a bank (Operetions). Currently im continuing with bnk job and willing to go for SAP certification FICO module. What do u think of it????

    • Hi Anjneya,

      I would suggest that you go for a good training on SAP-FICO module and then apply for job openings. You seem to have a fair enough finance experience to get a break in SAP FICO. SAP Certification is beneficial but only to a small extent . To me it is just a very expensive way to boost a Job hunters confidence that he/she has some proof of his/her knowledge. I think a thorough understanding of the topics will give you more confidence.
      No doubt ,With Certification you might be able to get a better chance of selection of your resume. I would still see the Cost -Benefit in that expensive Certification though.

  5. I’d done my graduation in B.Com from Bangalore University.I want to know is i m eligible for SAP FICO ? or i can do this or not ?

    • Hi Alok,

      I think I have replied this earlier as well I guess.

      SAP FICO jobs is not a Post graduate college degree. Hence there is no “eligibility” criteria for it. Some recruiters might be open to fresh finance graduates but mostly they do not. This is only because they want more Finance job experienced resources who would understand the business more better than a fresh college graduate. Since our country has so many Freshers , it only makes sense for them to put some basic entry barrier by specifying 2/3 years minimum experience to keep down the number of applications that they have to go through. :)

      I would suggest you do not go for SAP FICO course or certification now. Get few years of Job exp and you should be better suited to move if you want to later on.

  6. Dear Team

    I am nagaraj I have been completed my graduation last year and also I do have 3 years of experience in finance and accounts field so now I just wanted do a FI so for that would you please give me the guidance ASAP.



    • Hi Nagraj,

      I am not sure how you already have 3 years experience but you only completed graduation last year. You should try checking some local institutes who might be able to provide you some info on SAP FICO course in your city.

  7. hi there , I have done MBA in finance and accounting and I have 3 years work experience in marketing field ….. my main concern is to get good job in finance with SAP using organization. is good for me to do FICO module or SD module ???

    • Hi Malhar,

      I would still suggest going in for SAP FICO and not SAP SD. It would not be difficult for you to understand concepts and your degree will help you in future job hunt too.

      • hi there ,
        Thanks …. I love multinational banks , I want to learn sap in such a way that in future if i go overseas i still can use SAP knowledge and experience …. can you please guide me that in FICO module which is most important function to develop into banking or how to get job after finishing SAP FICO training ????? such as Standard Charted bank or citi financial banks ??? or HSBC ???? by the way thanks for reply really appreciated ……..

        • Hi Naga,

          SAP Banking is a core Industry solution that is provided by SAP that is now being actively used by many Retail and commercial banks. You would see SAP Banking solution in many banks in the near future.

          Check this >

          I still think you should get trained into SAP FICO module first and then move into the SAP FICO jobs and then go for such specialization. IT will be easy to get training on SAP FICO and then learn SAP Banking on your own . I doubt you will find any SAP Banking training courses.

  8. I am y. naga malleswara rao iam pursing my MBA in b-school i have 3 years experience work as on account i know bills receivable and bills payable and also tally e r p 9.2 and also i am prepare final accounts i am interested to learn to sap fico in my 3rd semester present i am working in real estates company pl z give me any suggestion to me

    • Hi Naga,

      Your profile definitely suits for a new joiner as SAP FICO analyst. You have the usually required work experience and degree. All you might need a good SAP FICO training course for few 4/6 weeks and I am pretty sure you can easily pick up understanding of SAP FICO easily. Please complete that and start applying for jobs. Do send me your resume too once you are done with the course.

  9. I just recently finish school for SAP FI/CO, and now preparing for interviews and was wanting to know if just coming out of school how can you have 5-7 years experiences as required, please help!

    • I don’t know how you finished School for SAP FI/CO. Who teaches SAP FICO as part of college ?
      Most of the recruiters do not want fresh college graduates.

  10. Hi,

    I have a BSc. in Accounting, MSc. in Finance (Investment) and am about to complete my professional qualification with ACCA (with one paper left to go). I also have a year’s experience in accounting right up to year-end financial report preparation with an accountancy firm but this has strictly been with the use of SAGE.I am looking to apply for jobs with larger organisations and realise SAP is an integral part. So, my question is what would be best suited to my profile?

    Thank you.

    • HI Marius,

      I think you have all the right ingredients for your background to become a good SAP FICO Consultant. If you current job is doing ok , I would suggest you to stick for another year or so to better your work exp and meanwhile get take a good SAP FICO training. You already have correct qualification , work experience and with good training you should be easily able to get a good SAP FICO Job and Junior level consultant.

  11. I have done MBA(2013) in finance. I want do SAP FICO course but I didn’t have any experience work. SAP course is usefull or not.HELP ME.

    • Hi Sridhar,

      I would recommend you to try for Job based on your MBA for now. You would have a better chance utilizing your MBA fresher tag and getting a JOB instead. SAP FICO JOB without experience is not impossible but chances are too low to risk your precious time being wasted.

  12. Hi,

    I have an experience of 4 yrs in F&A, kindly guide me m i eligible for FICO certification and as a future career path as well or not? ?Is there any age bar for SAP certification also, kindly advise.

    • There is no age bar Surender. You are pretty good placed with 4 years of exp in F&A. Take a course from a good institute and float your resume.

  13. hi… im an graduate just passed out..n nw persuing sap fico training.. i really dnt knw anytng abt diz.. please tel me dat is dis course having long term career benifit..? can i servive in any of mncs if i learnt this..

    • Hi Archana,
      This is not a course of fresher right out of college. You will not be a desired candidate for most of the MNC recruiters . I would suggest work for few years based on your Bcom degree job and then look into this avenue. Fresh out of college is a critical year and I would not suggest folks to try there hand on SAP FICO thus.

  14. Hi,
    I completed my mba in 2008 worked in SAP platform in A/C Payable for 3 years in an MNC bpo and now working in SAP GL. And m doing SAP fico course. after completing the course if i show the 4 years of exp as end user will i get job as SAP consultant ????
    Please advice
    I don’t want to put any fake exp without fake exp can I get job please send an email if u wish.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    • You are on the right track Royal. Go ahead and take the course . Start applying with 4 years End user exp and I have no doubt you will be getting a good job soon. Send me your resume too once you complete your training.

  15. Hello sir ,

    I would like to know what are the sub modules of FI .
    If GL,AA,AP,AR are the modules then what about Travel Management and
    Funds Management. I am confused would you please clarify my question

    • Travel Management and Funds Management too are part of SAP Financials but under a different module level. I will provide more details in one of my post.

  16. i have completed and i have experiance in accounting in shree sai krishna industries now i can do sap fico course it is useful for me?

    • I would suggest you have at least 3 plus years of work exp. If you have it then learning a new course for opening up a new career opportunity will always be good .

  17. Hello, Like everyone that has asked questions, I have an Accounting/Finance degree, with about 6yrs of Audit experience. I want to switch careers now and look in to doing something else. I don’t want to do the Audi I was looking into SAP FICO and getting a certification as well. What do you recommend or what advise can you give me.

    • I have no doubt that your profile suits this career
      path. I strongly suggest you take up such SAP -FICO course. Most of the
      SAP reports would be pretty easy for you as you already have loads of
      Audit experience. Just take a good course , Certification is not something really worth the money. Still if you think it will help go ahead with Certification too.

  18. hi, my self satya and i completed B.A and i already have experienced in financial sector about 4 years,can i done SAP FICO course……..

  19. Hi Himanshu
    Thank you so much for ur help here to all
    I am BE(IT) and MBA (finance) with 4 years of exp in Banking with (operation and Marketing)
    going through your material it has been really helpful
    as I would like to start FICO training.
    request your thought how to go about..
    Thanks once again

    • Hi Manoj,

      You have pretty good qualification to make it easily. Although there is a lot of SAP FICO material available on net which you can go through, I would still recommend that you plan to put some time and effort for few months and take up a SAP FICO course from some local institute . That would help you to easily pick up the subject and practice on system as well. Nothing better than live practice . Do not worry about certification etc for now , just focus on understanding the subject.

  20. Hi,

    Myself Naveen ,iam non commerce graduate,i have sap end user experience(AP and AR) almost 4 years .currently i am planning to learn sap that there two module fi and co .so im getting confused which one i can learn?

    non commerce graduate like me eligible to learn sap fico?
    please advise

    • Hi Naveen,

      You already have 4 years of SAP-FI specifically AP/AR work exp . That makes it easy for you understand the subject and backend configuration more easily than others. Taking up a SAP-FI course makes logical sense . Mostly, local institutes provide SAP-FI training in the name of SAP-FICO . Controlling (CO) is not taken up in that depth and for your case that is fine. You Non-commerce back ground would not matter much now as you have already been working hands on in SAP for quite sometime now.

  21. hi

    i have 6 years of core banking experience as functional consultant.i have Pre and Post implementation experience in Retail, Corporate, G/L modules which is typically used by various Banks to migrate from legacy system to current core banking suite.
    iam basically a commerce graduate, Please advise me if i can take up a training course on SAP/FICO module and look for a lateral entry. i cannot enter as a fresher with overall experience of 9 years with 6 years in core banking. Will the clients consider my training course and give me an opportunity in SAP/FICO. Please advise .

    • Hi Rajesh,

      People are freshers since they do not know not only the software ( SAP-FICO ) but also do not know how work is done in terms of a SDLC project and deliverables. Having 9 years of work ex with you gives you a head start in this. People switch from Core Accounting to SAP , Oracle Financials to SAP-FICO , End users to SAP -FICO consultants and so can you from Functional Analyst of A to B . Clients will surely consider your training and your experience as well. Although you would still have to learn SAP-FICO first , you can later pick up expertise in SAP-Banking processes and that would make your current experience a good asset to showcase.

  22. Hi, I have done M.Com in 1995 but never worked in Accounting job. Have 13years+ back end operations experience in a MNC bank as a Team Leader. I have got PR to South Australia. My friends in Australia are suggesting that I should do FICO training before going there (planning to go in Oct2013). Please suggest is it worth doing the course. I am interested in Accounts related jobs, please suggest which training will help in finding accounting jobs in Australia?

    • Hi Murali,

      I have no idea about accounting jobs in Australia and so cannot comment on your situation. From a SAP-FICO recruiters point of view , I would give you less chances as you are almost new to the field . Bcom 18 years back which you did not use makes it even tougher I guess to pick any such courses.

  23. Hi…

    I am MBA Graduate with 2 years of experience. Can you tell me roles and responsibilities of Functional and Technical consultants.


    • Hi Smily,

      Functional consultants take up business requirements from clients and then design and deliver a feasible solution in SAP systems that would help them fill up the requirement. They may do this by SAP Configuration or making custom design solutions which may need developement ( ABAP ) team to write code as per the design.

      Go Google if you want to get more details.

  24. Hi,

    I inadvertently stumbled on your article and have a question. I hold an Accounting and Finance Degree, an MBA in Finance and I am a part- qualified CIMA management accountant. I don’t have much experience as I have only worked for our family business. I currently live in the UK and would like to move back to my home country. SAP FICO was not very popular in my home country. But I made some inquiries and was told most companies are now switching to SAP systems. I would like to take SAP FICO course but wasn’t sure that such a move was right. Do you think it is the right move?

  25. Hi Himanshu,
    Thanks for your valuable advice on SAP FICO. I have a couple of years of work experience and am pursuing my Masters in Accounting now.
    I see that there is a lot of demand for SAP FICO. What in your view would be the best way to learn SAP FICO. Could you please recommend any online training websites or any credible training institutes preferably in Bangalore?
    Appreciate your suggestions. Thanks very much!

    • Hi Shipla,

      SAP FICO course would be beneficial to you after you complete your Masters in Accounting. I have posted list of few training centers in Bangalore. I will try to find online ones too and post it soon.

  26. Dear Himanshu,

    I am practicing chartered Accountant and also trainer on MS Excel and MS Excess…. I now have few queries about training on SAP. Would you guide me which training will help me to prepare the training module for others…. I found the training will be very useful for my next growth…..

    • Hi Vishal,

      To create training module for others you obviously need to get trained in the same module . If you plan to train students on SAP FICO you would need to learn and do hands on training on it first.

  27. Thank you for hosting wealth of information on SAP Fi/Co. You advice has been excellent to other folks and I am sure it will be valuable to me. Please excuse my ignorance about SAP Fi/Co.

    My Work Experience: I have an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Business Administration from a 4 year university in USA. I have worked as a staff accountant at a CPA firm and corporate accountant at a privately held company with a total of 6 years of experience. I have also done payroll and auditing projects.

    My Personal Situation: I am a mother of lovely twin daughters and took time off from work after their delivery. I am ready to go back to work, but want to add new skills and explore what I can do beyond regular book-keeping. Due to family obligations, I cannot travel as most fresh SAP consultants do.

    I Consider Myself: Well versed on accounting concepts, laws and general accounting practices. I am technically savvy. I know my way around most computer programs and understand technical concepts and their functionality. But, I am by no means a programmer!

    I understand that is too much information, but I wanted to make sure know my background.

    I Seek Your Advice On:
    > Is SAP Fi/Co right for me?
    > Will it open up more opportunities for me?

    Trying to Understand Fi/Co course and Job:
    > In a typical SAP Fi/Co training course how much emphasis is placed on accounting and finance concepts vs. how to apply these concepts to Fi/Co?
    > I think that most training courses are geared towards roles of architect, engineer, and integration specialist. Is that true? If yes, is there separate course of end users?
    > I have heard of jobs for SAP Fi/Co consultants in various roles such architect, engineer, integration specialist and analysts. Are these the typical roles? One of the posts mentioned a “Fi/Co AR/AP user” role. But I have not seen any jobs with that type of role. What am I missing?
    > Once Fi/Co is implemented who uses it on a daily basis? Are there Fi/Co accountants that process AP checks and AR invoices?

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Amy,

      Sorry for the delayed reply.

      1. SAP FICO will be very good for you. In fact, if you can get a good SAP FICO training , I can almost guaranty you will easily get a good job in SAP FICO consultancy. This will definitely open more job opportunities for you.

      2. Usually IT service oriented companies like IBM, Accenture , Infosys etc are project based and thus require travel for consultants . However, there are a whole lot of companies which have SAP as there primary business driver and they are not SAP Implementation or service partner but they are SAP Customers. Jobs at SAP Customer companies are more stable and require very less travel.

      3. In a typical course the whole course structure is oriented on how to learn SAP FICO but doing transaction in SAP FICO and view reports and configuring the system to set it up for a new company .In doing so emphasis is on applying concepts entirely and usually no basic concepts are taken up at all. Basic concepts of accounting are assumed a prerequisite .

      4. Training courses not just trying to help any user understand how SAP Software works and not made specifically for architect, engineer or integration specialist. By the way, who says you cannot become one of those after few years of work in this domain ? :)

      5. Usually Jobs are more for SAP FICO Consultants who help setup/configure the SAP system. The end users of the system only have a small set of screens to go through when they work in their day to day affairs and hence that end user skill that is hard to get.

      6. Once FICO is implemented , it is with business ,End user who work on it punching invoices , orders etc and taking out reports as needed from it. Yes, FICO Accountants are essentially the End users that I am talking about . It is they who process AP/ AR.

      I hope I have answered all your questions. Let me know if you have more queries.

  28. good mornig, i completed my MBA (finance and marketing) from jntu kakinada (AP). i worked as a accountant which is non domine for one year. and i left that job. now i am joined in Genpact in accounts payble process as a process assosiate last month. so my domine knowledge is very less. is it is good to go for SAP FICO training, or i have to wait for some time? Please suggest me.

    • Hi Santosh,

      Find a job that help you learn more and if you are learning good in your current Accounts payable job then stick with it until your have total 3 years of exp. Going for a SAP FICO course then would make better sense instead of now.

  29. I have done B.COM(Hons.) from CU and after that completed MBA Finance & Marketing from Graduate school of business and administration and worked 5 years with various companies like Bharti Airtel Ltd. as a Showroom Manager and Sr Supervisor Operations at Essar Aegis Ltd. right now I want to do SAP FICO course could you please suggest me the best center of kolkata and let me know is I am on the correct track or not in respect to my career.
    Arnab Pathak

    • Hi Arnab,

      SAP FICO would not be the correct track if you really want to use your current work experience . Your current work exp is not much relevant to SAP FICO.
      However, You can look for SAP-MM or SAP-SD based on what you find better based on what you currently do in your job.

  30. Hi,

    I am Chartered accountant. I am interested in doing SAP FICO. Please advice me whether it will help me in my job career.

  31. Please also tell me do i have to do certified course i mean to say to do a certified course fees is in lakhs, but there are training insititues where SAP is teached in just 20 – 25 thousand. What diffrence will it make if i do SAP in FICO form such institute.

  32. Hi Himanshu,
    From the FICO concept slide most of my introduction to SAP is understood, Thank you my providing such Info, second thing is i am an management guy working for 6 years in MNC most of my task is payment collection and payment release, even though my designation shows sales but my core job for 6yrs was collection and has great great success in that and could read well the bank docs, LC’s etc, and now i plan to change to credit controlling and collections (AR) manager and planning to do SAP FICO from a non reputed instutue to get basic operations idea, will this be helpful please suggest,,,,, cause i can not afford high cost of the training with reputed institute and also feel without certification i can manage interview with my management skills and experience. please comment and suggest your view.

    • Hi Habib,

      You are right in everything you said above. You do not need to worry about Certification . Knowing the concepts is more important than certification to clear an interview. Moving into C&C manager is a very good move as well . I am pretty sure you will be easily able understand SAP FICO concepts .If you can find , I would recommend you to take up training in SAP-FSCM Collection and Dispute management after your done with SAP FICO basic course as that would give you an added advantage in job hunting.

  33. Hi Himanshu,

    Let me first congratulate you for doing a fantastic job. Keep it up.

    Now my query is, I’m a B.COM-H, MBA-Fin and CFA (US) working in Investor Relations dept of a public company….Although reading and analysing the financials interest me, I can’t match an accountant. My job also doesn’t involve account (my previous jobs were core finance jobs with minimal accounting knowledge as prerequisite), however, in my current job I prepare lots of reports and presentations and to prepare the same I get to use full-fledged financials of my compant along with all schedules. All this has got me intrigued and I want to pursue this course – not with a view to get a better job but with a view to improve my overall knowledge (at present) and possibly strengthen my CV. I don’t know how it can help in future and how much it costs now.
    Pls enlighten.


    • Hi Gautam,

      As I understand ,you are only looking to fulfill your knowledge gap and are not planning SAP FICO consultancy as your next career jump. Your next recruiter will most likely take you up for your existing skills and won’t anyways grill you about your CV addon saying ” Have knowledge about Reports from ERP/SAP Financials” .

      In that case a full fledge course and hands-on practice is not really advisable. You can Google can get lot of SAP FICO Introduction/overview slides or documents. Maybe spend few hours understanding those. That would just give your very basic beginner level understanding . You can decide if you want to know about this further or if that much is sufficient to claim a basic level of proficiency on your CV.

  34. Hii im pursuing my graduation final year n was planning for mba in oil and gas management in uk or was planning for sap in oil and gas or was planning for mba in accounting with cma in canada what would be the better option to do plz assist me

    • I don’t know about your others option being good or bad. All I know if Graduation plus SAP Oil and Gas course if not really helpful.

  35. sir i need some suggestion from you if i do this course is usefully for me my education is B A and done varies jobs and mean time pursuing my MBA in finance through distance learning presently working in jain university group as admin and finance maintains u can consider as accounting so now thinking to join for FICO PLSDO ADVICE

    Thanking you

    • Hi Vyjayanthi,

      This course will help you but not right now. Please complete your Distance MBA , have few more years of work exp with you and then take up the course. For now taking up this curse will disillusion you more than helping out. BA is not helpful and that is why I am asking you to complete your MBA first.
      I have edited your comment to remove Email ID to avid spam.

  36. Hi Mr. Himanshu Vats,
    I am doing my CA final with 6years of work experience and currently working in a manufacturing company as Accounts Officer. I have a long aspire to learn SAP FICO, but till date I didn’t. I enquired Siemens and other Partners of SAP long back. They are charging near 4 lacs for 25 days training for SAP FICO. I am not sure whether in 25 days training I will get complete grip over the module.
    Now what i am asking you sir is, How to learn SAP Fico? Whether through self study, if yes, how?
    through Coaching centres means which one I can prefer?

    Please guide me, since this area is completely vague to me and my friends.

    With regards,

  37. Hi Himanshu please could you assist me on my query as well….

    I am a graduate, passed out in 2009 for the past 03 yrs i have been working in a BPO my work has no relation with accounting or finance. I do not wish to continue the same job in future as i dont see any furutre in here iti is just a data entry job. I have no experince in accounting or finance related jobs. Please advice what should i do, will it help me get a better job if i do SAP in FICO. What diffference will it make if i do SAP from an ordinary training institute who charge not more than 30K for teaching SAP

  38. Hi,

    I have 10 years of exp in F & A, currently working as a Team lead. I have taken up SAP FICO course now, will this help in getting jobs as SAP consultant.

    I am awaiting your reply.


  39. Hi Himanshu,
    i am MBA finance working in an it consulting firm as a (financial analyst) which deals with the financial services. we are processing the financial data of investment manager on third party data base like morning star, equest and so on, i am planning to do sap fico module. please guide whether it will be beneficial for me or not.

    • Ramkrishna,

      You current work profile is not much relevant to ERP Financials. You should reconsider your choice. I know the profile your are is good too and many people still aspire to be in your shoes. If you are good at your job you can easily switch company and move on. I would not advice you to change your domain.

      • Thank you for your valuable advice but some how i am very much confuse about my future, because the work i do more related to IT rather than any financial analysis. Actually it is a sort of data management. we get data from the client every quarter about the their progress and then we provide that data in the form of answers of the questions asked by the investment manager clients or investor and same data on the third party data bases of (U.S). As this is my first job. please guide me if you have any idea about this kind of work. please let me know about the future options being in this kind of profile.

        • Hi Ramkrishna,
          I would suggest you get a senior guy in this domain to answer questions about the current job that you have . I do not have the right info about your current work profile future options.

  40. Hello Sir,
    I done B.Tech in IT field and now I want to make my carrier in SAP. so please tell me which module is suitable for me??

    • Hi Ishan,

      Your are more accustomed to Programming logic in C, C+++, JAVA or other language and databases. Thus it would be very logical for you to lookout for training in SAP NetWeaver ( ABAP ) . You should be easily absorbed if you can learnt ABAP well.

    • SAP FICO is not a way to “settle in finance” Sujatha. SAP FICO Consultancy is about 50% technical plus 50% finance process understanding . It is not really core Finance job.

  41. Hi, Himanshu as you do not recommend freshers to go for SAP – FICO u advice to get 3 years of experience minimum in the related field. Please could you u suggest me what kind of job that i should look for before get in SAP FICO for example what Job profile i should go for before persuing SAP FICO. What kind of work as i m working in BPO have never worked in any kind of Accounts or finance related jobs hence i think its no good to do SAP FICO without any experience in the field. Please reply me i m waiting for your valuable advice. I am a graduate. Is it ok if i do SAP from a local institute.

    • Hi Srikanta,

      I assume you would have already read most of my replies. Being a Non commerce graduate and no relevant work exp (assuming) I would advice you to not pursue SAP FICO course.

  42. Hello,
    I graduated from the school of computing science majoring in Business Information Systems and Management.

    I never worked in Information Systems since graduation in 2008 due to the world economic crises.

    I want shift my career to work with SAP. To go back to what I have been studying for four years.

    However; I need to have a clear idea what are all the different things that happens in working with SAP. Afterwards, I will want to know which of these things I will like to be working with.

    What can I do to learn about the different things that one could “choose from” to be working with SAP.

    And how would one know what is the most suitable part of SAP to be working with.


    • Hi Hassan,

      It seems like you want to evaluate each part of SAP before choosing where to go. It is logical but kind of difficult and time wasting exercise. This is because SAP can have all types of different job profiles . Project manager , SAP ABAP , SAP BASIS , SAP Functional ( SD, MM ,PP, FICO etc ) and lot more . I don’t think you need to view all modules of SAP to understand which you like. I would rather simply see what your own interest is Technical or Non-Technical .Based on this then you can see if you want to go in Technical jobs in SAP or Analyst /Design roles in SAP.

  43. Sir,
    I am working as Manager (F & A), and having 12+ exp. in this field. Now would like to learn SAP FICO module from Delhi (any unauthorized center). Can you please recommend me any good institute in Delhi, who provide through knowledge in both FI and CO module.

    • Hi PP,

      Sorry , I do not have a ready list right now and thus you would have to search a good institute yourself. I would be happy to help you on any of your queries during the course.

  44. Hi Himanshu-Appreciate your efforts in providing insight towards the SAP programm, and moreover being so active in responding to the questions….I understand it takes a lot of effort to keep the ball rolling…i have a question for you..I am a Team Lead currently with 9 years of exp majorly in the Finance segment (AR) for like 8 years…i was a part of ERP implementation as a functional consultant(not sure if that is what it can be called).I had to do the UAT testing and put across the business requirement to the implementation team.The implementation was for Oracle R12. Can you suggest if SAPFICO or Oracle Financlials would be helpfull technical value add ? Im looking to pursue a career on these lines…

    • Hi Anand,

      You understanding and work exp is 50% better than most of the folks out here. So I bet you will definitely be a good candidate for selection. Please go ahead and put your efforts into SAP FICO course . I am pretty sure you will be in this domain soon.

  45. Hi Sir,

    Very explanation with images and very good site. i have one question regarding.. most of the institutions are offering SAP FICO course for only 10 k 15 k but how that coaching will help full to became an SAP consultant, and i have completed my MBA and i have an 3years SAP End user experience in Accounts Payables. i am interested to became an SAP counsultant.. could you please advise the right to institute to learn FICO in Hyderaba..

    • Hi Harish,

      These local institutes can only give you a initial training which can help you understand SAP FICO better. They are not an End to End tool to get jobs. The more you learn there and practice and study the easier it is for you to search for SAP FICO job. I do not have any good institute that I can suggest now. I am planning to pt a good list and put it soon on this blog.

  46. Hi himanshu,
    I was planning to do SAP FI/CO. I hv completed MBA in finance and banking. Worked under a c.a for 6 month then 1 year under a law company handling project and finance(preparing project from start to end) then shift to sales/marketing of corporate loan working capital and business loan and personal loan for around 3 years.then due to some miss-happening at home shift place and currently working in a construction company and handling finance and liaising manger from last six month. total work exp. of 5 years. i dont have so much of practical knowledge of a/c and tax but yes theoretically i am good. i was thinking to do sap fico (As i have saves a lot for this study). now wht shld i do shld i go ahead or nt. one more thing i have a g8 knowledge of computer from hardware to software.
    doing SAP fico is correct for me, or just wasting of time and money, kindly suggest plz. i am totally puzzled to do or not to do. wht shld i do? plz help……………plz reply soon i am waiting for ur reply

  47. Hi Himanshu,

    Hope you are doing well and good,i really appreciate your service and your info is helping everyone to make further decision. I am MBA(Finance) 2010 pass out as am currently working into AR process in well reputed company with having exp of 3yrs, but am not much satistied with my job and started thinking abt my future too so i have intended to do SAP(FICO),hence i would like to hear from you whether my profile is suitable for doing this course,if am eligible, it would be very highly appreciated, if you suggest me any institutes name and cost of the course. Am awaing for your reply to make further decision.Thanks

  48. Hi!

    I have done my MBA in Finance and HR in 2009. I have 2 years of experience in Recruitment. Now I want to do SAP FICO. Kindly suggest me in this regard whether it would help me or not. Thanks.


  49. Hi Himanshu,

    I would like to appreciate your help which you are doing for us.

    I have 5 years of experience in accounts payable and working on SAP application. Could you please advise me that

    1. Is it a right time to learn SAP FICO Course.
    2. From where i can do Fico course in Delhi.
    3. How difficult to get the Job after completed the course as SAP fico.

    Please advise something else which is important for me to know before i start the course.

    Request you to send me the reply on my E-mail.

    Bharat kumar

    • HI Bharat,

      1. Yes, It is the right time for you.
      2. You will have to find that on your own as I do not have the list with me currently.
      3. If you learn good is not difficult given your previous work experience.
      4. I cannot send individual reply on emails so sorry about that.

  50. Hi Himanshu,

    First of all , i want to appreciate your efforts in replying back each and every single query, thus helping people choose correct career path. I hope you help me too.

    I am H4 visa holder, sitting in US trying to make my idle time fruitful. I am Software Engineer(B.Tech CS) and have 4 plus years of development experience in TCS & L&T. I have been working for various Banking clients. Banking & Finance has been my domain. Currently i am pursuing my MBA in banking and finance. I want to move from developer role to BA role. I would like to know if SAP Fico certification will add a value to my future profile of becoming a BA?

    Please advise. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Pradeepa,

      You are doing a far greater valued course than SAP FICO and should concentrate on finding a Job based on that .
      I explained this here.

      You do not need SAP FICO to be a BA . Business analyst in Banking and Finance domain are at same level as SAP FICO consultants and you can take those kind of jobs right after MBA . You don’t need SAP FICO to be BA.

  51. Sir,

    I have 11.6 years experience in accounts (Construction Side) and working with Oracle ERP & Fox Pro & Tally Applications. Could you please advice me that

    1. Is it a right time to learn SAP FICO Course and Market Conditions
    2. From where i can do Fico course in Trichy, Tamilnadu.
    3. How difficult to get the Job after completed the course as SAP fico.

    Please advise something else which is important for me to know before i start the course.

    Request you to send me the reply on my E-mail.


    • Hi Reddy,

      1. Yes, you have the required background and thus you should go for SAP FICO course . Yes, market condition is good. ( SAP FICO temp is very pleasant and cool at 18 degrees : ) )
      2. Sorry , I do not have info about training institute in Trichy . You have to find that on your own.
      3. Given your good accounting background , I believe it should not be difficult for you.

  52. Hello Sir,

    I am a B.Com Honours, MBA Finance and NCFM certified for Capital & Derivatives Market Dealers Module. I have almost 2 years work experience. 1yr in OTC Derivatives Collateral Management (Tool-Colline) (Analyst Level) and presently working as a Cost Accountant (Tool-Tally) in an FMCG in Saudi Arabia.
    From hardcore Finance I shifted my focus on Accounting just to make my base strong. This was a planned risk, I don’t know how far it will be fruitful.
    Presently I want to embellish my skill set and do a Certification Course – SAP FICO being one of them. Is it going to be helpful for my future and do we have avenues for such certification in Saudi Arabia ?

    Its an elaborate description , Your help will be greatly appreciated

    Warm Regards,

    • Hi Zaid,

      The “Planned Risk” that you took is a smart move as this opens your way to Job as an SAP FICO consultant. Yes, I believe you should go in for SAP FICO course and will surely be able to land a good job . Best of luck.

  53. MY name is
    Rajesh, i have completed my MBA in 2012 , now i am doing sap course but i am not commerce background , this sap fi-co suitable for me. Can you give any suggestions

    • Hi Rajesh,

      I am surprised that you have already started on SAP FICO course and now you are evaluating the point if the course is beneficial to you or not.
      You do not have a Finance degree and zero work exp and hence this course will not help your job prospects much. Please have a plan B as I doubt you will land a job based on what you are doing now. Sorry , I did not want to de-motivate you when you are already doing the course .

  54. HI Himanshu,
    I would like to know whether doing an uncertified sap certification from institute charging 25k to 30k for the course is it beneficial or not. And what are the possibilities of a getting job as sap fico fresher. i have done and mba (finance).

  55. Dear Himanshu,
    I did MBA finance in 2009. i am working as accountant in a manufacturing company and i have a dream to work in MNC company, i have 4+ years exp, i am interested to learn SAP fico. is it help full or not.
    Please advise something else which is important for me to know before i start the course.

    Request you to send me the reply on my E-mail.

    • Hi Joji,

      You work exp and qualification is quite appropriate for this. Please consider doing a good SAP FICO course and I am pretty sure you will be joining a good MNC firm soon.

  56. hi , I am a MBA-FINANCE graduate with B.COM background & am working with CAPGEMINI for past 2 yrs in Accounts receivable process. i would like to join SAP-FICO .pls advice  whdr i can go for it .

  57. shivasaambu You can go for it. I would suggest you should go for it in about an years time and now right now. 3 years work erp would be considered very appropriate. For now , you can start your learning for sure.

  58. Hi Himashu,
     Please help me out whether shall i take up SAP FICO  training now in Bangalore .Am basically finance background in school ,UG ,PG  etc..
    Am working as business Analyst in MNC and am interested to take up Fico .IS it right decision to go about …
    If so suggest me institute in banglore.

    • I don’t see a reason why you have come to the conclusion that a SAP FICO consultant is better than your current Business analyst job . do good work in your current job and you will be a valuable asset there too . Really you have little to gain by moving to this other stream.

  59. Hi Himanshu, I was work as Accountant at least 7 year with experince Accounting 7 Finance management in India but last 4 yr in the uk unable to find jobs would you consider this SAP FICO as future job career. How much time need to spend

    • Hi Sudhir,

      Well ..looks like you are already trying hard . There is no hard in trying one more thing. You have good past experience and please go for the course . it takes few months to learn.

  60. Hi Himanshu,
    I have a master in finance and done BCA in my graduation. Currently working ina bank as credit assessment officer(home loans) for last 4 years. Do you think pursuing FICO module is a good decision?

    • your current work exp might be a bit non relevant . Still , given your good finance qualifications I think you should give this a try. Learn well.

  61. Hi… naveen degree bsc biotechnology and i have done mba how will b the options if i join sap fico…will the degree of mine will b a barrier in achieving job in fico….

    • I do not recommend doing SAP FICO course right after your MBA . Your Bsc degree has no relevance on a job that you are trying to find based on your Post graduation degree. Still , I would recommend you find a job as this course will not help for freshers.

  62. Hi Himanshu Vats, I am a MBA HR post graduate and I’m in payroll department I have 4 Yrs experience. I would like to Join SAP FICO course. It is useful for me or not please give me your suggestion.

  63. @Himanshu Vats  
    This is raju, working has a senior accountant in one of the leading manufacturing company of analytical instruments in india. i completed my ICWAI intermediate with bcom computers background.
    I having 5 years of experience in accounting field and my responsibility is to prepare TB ,Balance Sheet, Calculation & Paying of Statutory like ESi, EPF, TDS and Sales Tax Eet.. guidance to my co-colleagues
    co ordination with internal & Statutory auditors.

    My company is using ERP project which similar to SAP Fico
    Now i want learn SAP FI-Co
    Please suggest.
    Thanks & Regards,

  64. Hi Himanshu Vats – I am a Post Graduate in Commerce & has been working in a nationalised bank for 20 + years initially as a  Clerk & then as Manager.  I have resigned the job & want  to pursue career in the private sector / IT field.  I would like to join SAP FICO course & make a career switch.  Please advise.

    • 20+ yrs. I am sure you know many things better than others in that field . DO you really want to start in a new field and put down your 20+ exp.
      Does not sound like a good move to me.

  65. HI Himanshu ! Is am a MBA finance graduate with background and I am working with Bank of America for past 5years in banking operations. now I joined sap fico please advice whether did I make a right move by joining sap fico or not , if yes then how can I see myself as fico consultant and also please advice me do I need to do certification in fico.

    • You have already joined. No point discussing that you did right or wrong. Just learn , Learn and then hope for the best.

  66. hii sir this is Prashanth reddy.M my education completed recently done my  MBA Finance, Graduate with computers ,
    which is the better to me actually i don’t  have communication i manage little bit  please suggest  me

    • Improve your communication and for now just avoid this SAP courses and focus on some other job. An SAP functional consultant without good communication skills is not asset .

  67. HI Himanshu, This is Deepika from Bangalore. I’ve 5+ years of experience in investment banking and I’ve got trained on SAP FICO in a local institute. I don’t have any hands on experience in SAP. I want to know would there be any opportunity as SAP fresher.

  68. Hi Himanshu,
    Appreciate all the patience and the hard work in your prompt replies.
    I worked for 3 years in IT after my B-Tech and I completed my MBA in Finance and consulting in US. I am currently working as a business analyst for a Financial institution since 1 and half years. Do you think SAP FICO will boost my prospects of getting into better profiles since this BA role does not involve much financial stuff in it and i’m quite unsatisfied with my job profile now.
    Thank You,

  69. @Himanshu Vats Hi  I am working as an ETL developer from the last three years and since 2003 to 2011
    I wokred with bank. Pleae advise me If I started to learn FICO , Will I consider as a fresher and Can I handle the interview.

  70. Hi Himanshu,
    I am a commerce graduate with PG in Insurance and Risk Management. I have around 5 years of work experience in Life Insurance Operations. Now after a break of 2 years I really want to give new direction to my career. Would you recommend a SAP FICO (or any other module) certification considering my educational background and work exp.
    Your help would mean a lot. I am non technical person and really not sure whether to invest for this certification (as I am not in India this course would cost me a good amount).

    • Your background is mixed but I think you can take up the course. Your Work exp and Finance degree is good enough. Rest is all about your learning ability. Certification is not something I recommend and learning to me is more valuable . Certification might give you a chance for an interview but learning with take it through.

  71. @Himanshu Vats 
    sir ,i am persuing mba ,it’s my first and in second year i want to specialise in finance,and i am quite interested in sap fico thats wht i am taking finance as specialisation,but sir  i am from science kindlt suggest me whether sap fico is suitable for me or not.

    • Sagarika,

      Please focus on MBA . SAP is just a software. You should be focussed on learning from MBA classes and project work instead of worrying about a small specialization course that you might need to take later. Don’t take Finance in MBA because you want to do SAP FICO because you think SAP FICO is hot. :)

      This just shows how little you know about Finance. Please do MBA finance for its own merit . Learning concepts is not limited to your background of Science or Commerce. NAMO was a chaiwala who speaks about economic policies …so can you :) . Learning has no limits.

  72. Hi Himangsu, I am a MBA (Finance) Graduate currently working in Accenture in Banking, Financial Services Domain as a functional Analyst. I have 3 years Experiance in that Particular Domain. To accentuate my career and to get a BA kind of profile I need some techno-functional Skills. I have learned BI Tools like SAS. Under these Circumstances I have decided to learn SAP Functional Modules. I have sorted out couple of modules like SAP_FICO and SAP_TRM(treasury and risk management). But I am not able to finalize which one would be beneficial for my career. Could You please guide me in that case.

    • Indranil,

      You are already ahead of 80% folks with your aspirational thinking and good effort and research . Your answer : Simply go for SAP FICO . Ones you learn FICO you will know what SAP TRM is talking about.

  73. hi Himnashu Vats  I am a graduate and I have 3 Year working exp as a accountant , Is SAP FICO suitable for me , Will these help my career growth

    • It might help. No harm in trying . Avoid high fees and certification . Take training from some local institute and see if you understand the thing.

  74. Hi Himanshu/ All,

    I have completed my BE ( Electrical & Electronics)  year  of passing 2012. I had been working as an Patent engineer/ analyst since my  post course, but now I’m planning to switch into SAP field and been hold in enigma state which needs troubleshooting. Please suggest me about SAP career in my case whether  I should take it up IF yes please suggest which is the best module to go in. thanks . And lastly I would like to thank you for making time and sharing about your ideas .

  75. Hi Himanshum,My self arithoti. i have done MCA in 2010 from NITK.currently i am working for uhg and have 4 yrs of technical exprience in i want to move from MSBI to SAP ABAP/SAP FICO/SAP BO.i know i have no finance exp but i did MBA in finance from Open university.i want to become technofunctional guy.can u plz suggest me is it the best time to migrate from MSBI to SAP FICO. btw i already have partial knowldge in sapBI and also trying to learn ABP but i want to become technofunctional consultant in FICO.

    • Hi Arithoti,

      SAP BI is good field too. It is techno-functional as well. I think you should fit in good in it. Please move towards taking a SAP BI course instead of SAP FICO.

  76. hi himanshu i have done MBA-IT in 2009.i could not able to start any job but now i m taking sap fico classes. what should i do after completing this course. should i do some internship as sap junior consultant or find some job as an accountant?plz help

    • SAP FICO course is not a job guarantee tool . It is just an addon specialization if you have the correct background. You are just doing a wrong course .

  77. I am fresher … I ve complited my mba in 2013. now I m.pershuing sap fico .. it s helpful to me for in future . ple suggest me sir……

      • Hello Himanshu ,
        I have done BCA in 2010,currently i am working for HP as an Senior Associate ( 3 years) under Order Management .
        i using SAP tool to validating, creating the sale orders.
        Do you think SAP FICO will boost my prospects of getting into better profiles.
        Please give me your suggestion.

  78. I red the complete blog, I dont find any FSCD/FSRI career doubt, can you see the below please

    I have 9 years of experience in IT, on which 7 years on Insurance including 3 year of SAP – FSCD/FSRI implementation experience,
    But I have got only the implementation(integration of legacy to SAP) experience and not the core FSCD-FSRI concepts,

    I would like to go ahead and extend my career in FSCD/FSRI, need your suggestion on learning?

    Probably, a on-line class would do or what ever your suggest, thanks in advance


  79. Hi my name is amar i done MBA in fiance and i have 3 years of EXP in MIS reporting but i want to join FICO course and continue my career in fiance filed it rights to join FICO course

    Please give me your suggestion.

    • Doesn’t look much relevant… And given the amount of spelling mistakes you just did in a small sentence, I think you need to work few more years professionally before taking a career shift.

  80. I have done my MBA with HR and FINANCE. Now i would like to add course to my career. I’ve decided to join SAP. My problem is i am not aware of finance subject . Can you please help me regarding FICO module whether it is best that suits to my career.

    • If after doing MBA finance you say you are not aware of Finance subject then I don’t think SAP FICO course will help you in any way.

  81. Hi,
    I have done my CA INTER and now im into my CA final.. when shal i start studying SAP fico and what are its advantageous

    • Please focus on CA final. Clear it and try to work few years based on being a CA. SAP FICO will be fine for you but not right now.. Few years later.

  82. Hi, Himanshu, myself Ajay, I have done Com. Graduate. I have 4-5 year Experience in Accounts,Presently,I am working as a Fin. Executive in Bacardi India P ltd I have also operated different Software like Tally. ERP. 9 ,Busy & Online Software EB2 & QAD .Is SAPFICO suitiable for me to get better job in this Filed.

    Your Suggestion is vaulable for me Plz reply

    • Hi Ajay,

      Yes, it is definitely good for you. Please get good training and float your resume. Best of luck.

  83. hi Himanshu,
    i have done my graduation in 2013 and now i am pursuing i have also 3year experience in tally accountant .i want to do SAP FICO course for a good future ..please help me out about this course is this right for me if yes then tell me the SAP institutes in NCR and fee .

    and m from U.P board hindi medium

    • I suggest you try to get an Accounting job first instead. Do job for few years and then think about SAP course.

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